Your Unique Experience

We can create and make you experience  unique and really strong moments and feelings.

Our key difference is that we focus not only in the music but also in the picture you get along.

Our partners are really experienced and respectable in TV and cinema industry and they turn your desired event to a really high standards TV show or Documentary.


Making them live

Can you imagine watching on your screen our partners performing live from your village in Greece?

From the backyard of your grandparents home?

How about watching a live streaming "Moiroloi" in front of your adecedents old house?

There are so many you can think of and ask.

Traditional Greek village.jpg
Old woman coffee house..jpg


Sorting out the distance

Make the ultimate surprise to your friends and family back in Greee by involving them to your Streaming Event. Just sk us to visit them and join you on Live Streaming.
We can also prepare a specialized documentary event on the greek way of living or greek customs and habbits you d' like to watch live and share with your guests.
Your choice.


Setting out the Background

Choose one of Greece's numerable breathtaking locations as the ultimate background scene for your event.

From Greek islands to Monuments and picturesque fishing boats to highland stone bridges we can set up your event in the perfect setting.

Santorini with famous windmill in Greece

Thinking of something different?